1. Definitions

In the terms laid out below:

www.hydro-dipping.shop is the supplier.

The person or entity who orders products from the supplier is the customer.

2. Validity of the the terms & conditions

The suppliers terms & conditions overrule any conditions set by the customer.

3. Offer and conclusion of the agreement

The offers on www.hydro-dipping.shop are without obligations, the supplier holds the right to cancel an order placed by the customer within 48 hours of placing the order, this applies but is not limited to: out of stock products, areas not covered by the delivery company, other problems in fulfilling the order.

4. Amendments and changes 

In case of changes to orders or offers on the website, the supplier will notify the customer through any contact details available to the supplier. Any changes ordered by the customer will be notified through any of the contact methods stated on this website, accepting of these changes will need evaluation from the supplier, and can be denied at the suppliers discretion.

5. Cancelation

Orders can be cancelled free of charge up to the moment of shipment, after a tracking number has been generated the order is considered as shipped. 

6. Shipping

We send all our packages via DHL. Online track & trace is available for every shipment, you will receive a tracking code with which you can track your shipment. The items will be shipped as soon as possible after receival of payment. Normally this is within one or two working day after the payment has been received by us.  

We ship orders from Monday to Friday. Delivery takes place from Monday to Saturday. Unless a product is not in stock, you will always receive an order within 1 to 7 working days after receipt of payment. Shipment to any destination in the UK is € 9.99 (Free from € 75,-) You can find more detailed delivery lead times in the table below. All times stated are estimates and based on past shipping experiences.

Delivery to the neighbors

Are you not present? Then the package might be delivered to the neighbors. You will receive a notification stating the house number to which the package has been delivered. Do you not want the postman to deliver the package to the neighbours? Then you can also indicate this in the shipping options.

Second delivery

If delivery to the neighbors is not possible or if you prefer not to have the postman deliver the package to the neighbors, there will be a second try at a later time.

In case the delivery at the address provided by the customer while placing the order results impossible the package might be left at a nearby pickup point at the transport companies discretion. In case all attempts of delivery fail the package will be sent back to the supplier, any costs incurred from this will be carried by the customer.

7. Shipping costs

 We ship to almost all countries within the European Union. For other destinations, please contact us. The standard shipping method is always with track & trace and your shipment is insured against damage or theft.

Country shipping costs & estimated delivery lead times

Bulgaria €29.99 (Free from €119,-) 4-6 working days
Cyprus €29.99 (Free from €119,-) 4-7 working days
Denmark €9.99 (Free from €75) 2-3 working days
Germany €5.99 (Free from €75) 2-3 working days
Estonia €29.99 (Free from €119,-) 4-6 working days
Finland €19.99 (Free from €99) 3-6 working days
France €9.99 (Free from €75) 2-4 working days
Greece €29.99 (Free from €119,-) 3-6 working days
Hungary €29.99 (Free from €119,-) 3-6 working days
Ireland €19.99 (Free from €99) 2-4 working days
Italy €12.99 (Free from €75) 2-5 working days
Croatia €29.99 (Free from €119,-) 5-8 working days
Latvia €29.99 (Free from €119,-) 3-6 working days
Lithuania €29.99 (Free from €119,-) 4-6 working days
Luxembourg €5.99 (Free from €75) 3-5 working days
Malta €19.99 (Free from €99) 4-6 working days
Austria €9.99 (Free from €75) 3-5 working days
Poland €14.99 (Free from €75) 2-4 working days
Portugal €19.99 (Free from €99) 3-5 working days
Romania €29.99 (Free from €119,-) 3-6 working days
Slovenia €29.99 (Free from €119,-) 2-4 working days
Slovakia €29.99 (Free from €119,-) 3-6 working days
Spain €12.99 (Free from €75) 2-5 working days
Czech Republic €29.99 (Free from €119) 3-6 working days
Sweden €12.99 (Free from €75) 2-5 working days


8. Order not complete?

It is possible that the products you ordered were not all in stock.

We will send an email or put a note in with the order with which products are sent on a second shipment. 

If you have not received a message, please contact us.


9. Order not received?

Check the Track & Trace code of the order. We will send an email when your order has been processed. This contains a tracking code that allows you to track the shipment.

Check your delivery address: The delivery address is stated in the order confirmation. Contact us if the address is not correct.

Did you receive a not-home message? The parcel service will deliver your package again for free.

Sometimes the courier will deliver the package nextdoor, ask the neighbors whether the package has been delivered there.

If the above points do not help you, please contact us. We are happy to help you! Please mention your name and the order number when you contact us.


10. How can I place an order?

You can add the desired items to your shopping cart and click on the checkout button.

You can place an order with us without first creating an account. Creating an account has several advantages though.


How can I view previous orders?

You can easily view your previously delivered orders on our website. 

If you are logged in you can see all your orders placed in the past. 

Please make sure to use the same e-mail address that was used to order for registration.

After a succesful login you can view your orders and there is also the possibility to re-order any previous orders.


I have received a discount code, where can I redeem it?

You can enter the discount code on the shopping cart page when at least 1 product has been added.


11. I have placed an order but have not received an email?

 First of all, please check that you have entered the correct email address. Your e-mail address you can change it through ´your account´ settings or by contacting us.

It is possible that the order e-mail has ended up in your spam e-mail folder. If you still have not received an email after checking, please contact us!

Please also leave a phone number, to ensure the fastest way of communication.


12. What if a product is out of stock?

 It is possible that a product is temporarily unavailable. 

If a product cannot be ordered with the message ‘out of stock’, you can contact us for more information.

Even when an article is not in stock in the quantities you want to order, reach out to us to see when we will receive new stock.


13. Can I change my order?

 Due to our commitment to fast delivery, there is a short time between the placing of your order and the sending it out by us. As a result, we are not always to make changes to your order after the order has been sent.


14. Returns and Exchanges of Items.

 A trial period / reflection period of 14 days applies to all purchases. The reflection period means that

you have the right to receive the articles within 14 days without any obligation return it in its original packaging. The returned items must not be used or damaged. You should also comply with the conditions for return. The costs for the return shipping is at your own expense. The reflection period starts the day after delivery.

If you have ordered / received a wrong item or if your order is incomplete, please contact our customer service.


15. The following rules apply to reporting a return item:

    Please contact our customer service in advance before returning an item. Also state your order number.

    The delivered item must be unopened, in original packaging, unused and undamaged.

    Fill in the return form and include it in the return shipment.

    When you have indicated to return an item or order, you have 14 days to send it.

After receipt of the shipment and approval from hydro-dipping.shop about the condition of the products, your money will be refunded within 14 days.

16. Prices and payment

All prices stated on the suppliers website are subject to change at the suppliers discretion. Prices of a particular order are final only after payment and confirmation of the order. Payment will be made through any of the available payment methods during the checkout process. Orders are considered confirmed only after a payment has been successfully processed, after a successful payment the customer will receive a confirmation with details of their order via the e-mail address provided when completing checkout.

17. Liability

The supplier is not liable for any direct or indirect costs or damages incurred by the customer caused by the products ordered from the supplier. The customer shall always follow the suppliers instructions and when in doubt should contact the supplier for instructions on the use of the products ordered from the supplier. 

18. Complaints

If the customer has any complaints these can be made through any of the available contact methods on the website, the supplier will respond to complaints in a timely fashion and will offer a solution to the customer whenever reasonably possible, the evaluation of complaints is at the suppliers discretion only.

19. Force majeure

Unfortunately, it is possible that the supplier cannot fulfill his/her obligations under the agreement as a result of force majeure. If that is the case, the supplier will inform the customer as soon as possible. In that case, the fulfillment of the agreement by supplier will be suspended for as long as the force majeure lasts.

Force majeure exists if the supplier is unable to fulfill its obligations after the agreement has been concluded as a result of a cause or situation that is beyond the fault or sphere of risk of the supplier. You can think of illness, but also things such as fire, water damage, flooding, strike at delivery services, government measures, a pandemic or epidemic or, for example, riots. The list in this article are examples to give you an idea, but there may also be other situations that are not mentioned here but that do fall under force majeure.

If the situation of force majeure lasts longer than one month, both parties can dissolve the agreement without judicial intervention.

20. Final

All the terms & conditions set out above are final, and can be updated to reflect changes at the suppliers discretion, please check back regularly to see if any changes have been made and make sure you understand the most recent terms & conditions.